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Life outside the pharmacy

Life inside the pharmacy is plenty exciting. It's fast paced and often a little chaotic. But y'all know that. My role as pharmacist & owner gives me the opportunity to help people and educate them about health in the midst of every crazy busy day. So as I begin this blog, it would be logical for me to write about getting your flu shot, or finishing all your antibiotics, or not taking antibiotics for viral infections, or other important stuff about health. I'm sure that some of my future blog posts will offer great life altering healthcare advice (note the bit of sarcasm), but today I'm going to share a little of my life outside the pharmacy.

If you haven't seen the growth of art in Searcy, you are probably living under a rock. Murals are popping up everywhere. New projects are in the works. The coolest part of all of it (well, coolest part to me) is that I get to be a part of it! That's right...your pharmacist is also a part time artist, creative nerd, and coordinator of Searcy's iconic Art Alley.

Art Alley has done so much more than provide artist rebels an outlet for their creative juices. It has formed a community of friends. It has connected people to one another. It has allowed us to engage with creativity and culture. It has given our community something to do. It has made us proud to call Searcy home. Creativity does take courage, but withholding creativity leaves us empty. I can testify to the fact that creating and sharing art is scary and vulnerable, but somehow it allows us to take ourselves a little less seriously. And we can all use a healthy dose of that!

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